Your DJ is a Permanent Fixture at Your Wedding (like a tattoo)

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This could be applied to a lot of businesses, especially those in the wedding industry. The uniqueness of the one-day-only factor of your wedding should encourage some in-depth planning.There are no wedding do-overs. This picture, I thought, added some humor to serious conversation most brides,grooms, and respective families have while planning for the big day. However, while not too many brides and grooms associate the permanence of a tattoo with the decisions you make for your once in a lifetime wedding, it is a relevant analogy. Considering that you only get one wedding and your guests will always remember your wedding, good or bad, there is nothing you can do later to change what they remember. Good news is that they may not remember every last detail such as the ceremony starting 5 minutes late, no champagne in their glass during toasts, etc. But The professionals you hire for your wedding, like a tattoo, carry a permanence that you will never forget (good or bad).  Obviously price is a primary factor in whom you hire, but allowing that to be the dominating factor could lead to disaster that will be remembered, and associated with you, forever.

Wedding Professionals are Like Tattoos

Your Wedding Professionals Have the Permanence of a Tattoo. Be sure to hire the professionals who will be associated with you in the mind of your family and friends forever.

Be sure that the ‘wedding memory’ tattoo in your mind, and the minds of your guests, is an incredible one with nothing but positive feelings. Hire professionals who will make your wedding  a day/night to remember forever!

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